Why I'm Running

Sara is the strong, progressive voice that will provide us with the ethical, focused representation that the residents of District 17 deserve in Harrisburg.

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When it looked like the GOP might successfully repeal the Affordable Care Act, I joined with masses of activists nationwide and in Washington D.C. to fight for the healthcare that my family and so many others need to survive. In doing so, I found my voice and my power to make a dramatic impact on the world outside of my own home.

From lobbying legislators on disability rights with the Little Lobbyists to occupying the halls of Congress to demand healthcare access and sitting on the board of Torah Trumps Hate, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see how the expertise that I’ve gained through my own life experiences and 16 years of parenting my five children, all of whom have complicated medical disabilities, gives me a valuable perspective that I believe is missing from our State Legislature.

Headshot (alternate)

I’m a Chicago transplant, but over the last nearly two decades, I’ve made Penn Wynne my home. I’ve gotten to know the people, made my family here, and fought to make it a better place, but more than that, my values match those of the district well. Our strong democratic values give our leadership the ability to champion progressive causes like criminal justice reform, LGBTQIA+ rights, marijuana legalization. As your State Senator, I would push for legislation that advances the causes that I truly believe in, such as guaranteeing universal affordable access to healthcare, seeking environmental justice, and breaking down the systemic barriers that keep people with disabilities, like me and my family, and other historically oppressed groups from living the full lives that we deserve.

Family and Pets

I’m not exactly a traditional candidate. As an Orthodox Jewish woman, I live a life that definitely isn’t what most people are used to, one centered around family and faith, values and tradition, But even within the Orthodox community, I stand out as a different kind of woman. Outspoken and bold, I see my role as matriarch of my home and my role as an advocate as inextricably connected.

I also differ from many other candidates in terms of the source of my policy experience and expertise. Rather than learning about the struggles that families face today through professional experiences, I’ve lived it. I’ve spent the last sixteen years fighting: to get my kids the healthcare that they need and the education that they deserve, to live with my own disabilities, to make space for myself as a progressive feminist in a conservative religious community, and to make my corner of the world better.


Now, our community is facing an uncertain future; our incumbent Senator has stepped down from his prime committee assignments and been called on to resign by both his own Caucus and the local Democratic Committees after several allegations of sexual misconduct came to light, but he is ignoring their calls and running in 2020 without the support of the Party or concerned constituents like myself.

I believe that my passion and expertise, commitment to progressive values, strong community ties, and history of community organizing make me an ideal candidate to bring focused, ethical leadership back to District 17.