Healthcare is a human right and Sara will work to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare to all Pennsylvanians, control rising costs, provide consumers with greater transparency when purchasing insurance and medical services, and pass legislation to encourage better patient outcomes and healthier communities.

SARA supports:

-Giving all Pennsylvanians the option to buy into our state's Medicaid program.

-Encouraging medical providers to use a value-based payment model to reduce costs.

-Enshrining the Individual Mandate, Essential Health Benefits, and Pre-existing Conditions Coverage Guarantee of the Affordable Care Act in state law.

-Investing in creating healthy communities by increasing access to nutritious food, quality housing, and a clean environment


For too long Pennsylvania’s public schools haven’t gotten the funding that they need to provide our children with the education that they deserve. Sara is committed to getting our public schools the resources that they need to thrive and to expand pre-k and higher education programs in our state to ensure that all of Pennsylvania's children are given the quality public education they deserve.

SARA supports:

-Adequately and equitably funding our k-12 public school system

-Making pre-k affordable and accessible for all of our children.

-Passing The PA Promise (SB 1111),

-Investing in the Governor's PASmart initiative to provide more young people with access to career and technological education and apprenticeships.


Pennsylvania faces a host of threats to the safety and beauty of its environment. From toxic chemicals in our groundwater and air to the conservation of our public lands, Sara will stand up for our right to a safe and healthy environment.

SARA supports:

-A severance tax on natural gas extraction

-Strengthening the public entities responsible for addressing air and water


-Protecting our public lands from the ecological devastation of fracking and pipeline expansion

Worker’s Rights

From attacks on union rights and a minimum wage that has been stagnant for a decade to fair scheduling and wage discrimination, we need a strong, progressive voice for District 17 who will stand up for Pennsylvania’s workers and their rights.

SARA supports:

-A $15 minimum wage pegged to inflation

-Elimination of the tipped minimum wage and sub-minimum wage for workers with disabilities

-Fair Scheduling legislation

-Requiring Pennsylvania's employers to offer all of their employees paid sick time

-Expanding our anti-discrimination laws to include workers who are fired from their jobs on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender

-Enacting prevailing wage laws to protect the wages of our skilled tradespeople

-Encouraging union membership and employee-owned business through targeted state programs

Voting Rights

We in Pennsylvania are already seeing the benefits of ending the Congressional gerrymander, but our State House and Senate districts are still some of the most unfairly drawn in the country. Sara is committed to pushing for a fair and transparent redistricting process after the 2020 Census. She will also work to make sure that voting is a right that all of our citizens can take advantage of by breaking down barriers to access and fighting efforts at voter suppression.

SARA supports:

-Limiting political influence in the redistricting process through the adoption of Fair Districts PA's proposed 11-member, bipartisan panel

-No-fault Absentee voting

-Expanding the dates and times that in-person voting may occur

-Automatic and same-day voter registration

-Preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds

-Allowing Absentee Ballot applications to be completed online

-Requiring our polling places and voting systems to be fully accessible

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system needs a host of reforms to end the practices of mass incarceration and the privatization of our prison system. Additionally, we must invest in community-lead deterrent and prevention plans instead of the militarization of our police forces.

Reproductive Rights

Sara knows that decisions about when and if a person has children are deeply personal and believes are best made privately, away from interference by politicians. Further, she sees many ways that our legislature can support family-friendly policies, such as paid parental leave, access to birth control, and wage equality, all of which would make those decisions less complicated for Pennsylvania’s families

Equal Rights

As a Jewish woman with disabilities and a mother of children with disabilities, Sara knows firsthand the way hate and discrimination can poison our communities. As your State Senator, she will fight to make sure that our laws do all that they can to end hate crimes, prevent discrimination, and ensure that our rights are protected in education, employment, housing, voting rights, criminal justice, and every other aspect of society.

Ending Corruption

Current laws have proven inadequate to address the unethical behavior of members of our state government. From putting limits on state-level campaign donations to requiring elected officials to take financial responsibility for harassment and retaliation claims against them, we need to return to honest, transparent, accountable government.

SARA supports:

-Limiting the influence of money in our General Assembly by setting limits on individual donations to campaigns and corporate donates to political action committees

-Creating an independent investigative body to investigate misconduct allegations in our state government

-Modernizing and improving our campaign finance and independent expenditure reporting systems and laws to provide for greater transparency

-Public financing of campaigns